Check out the new video: “Spark of Time”!
Posted on 11/23/2021 @ 12:57 | 200 views

The new video clip of the band RAGE IN MY EYES, for the track “Spark of Hope”, one of the most praised of the new EP, “Spiral”, is already on air. The clip won a pre-release session on Friday, 11/12, held at Funny Feelings, in the city of São Leopoldo/RS, where the public was able to see the work first hand. Filled with references, the clip brings from the work of folkloric Teixeirinha, through the literary classic “O Tempo e o Vento”, by Érico Veríssimo, to the film “The Duellists”, directed by Ridley Scott in 1977. shows in the clip travels to the south of Brazil in the 19th century, after a decade of war, where two men duel for the sake of honor. One is a rebel lieutenant and the other is an Indian tracker known as the Missioneiro. Once they fought side by side, now they will duel with each other. Lurking her tragic death, a Lady in White waits to lead them on a final journey as a new sun rises.

Watch the video clip for “Spark of Hope”:

The clip features a Creole fencing duel, a Gaucho adaptation of European Castilian fencing, using local objects as a weapon along with swords and daggers, such as bolas and visors. The choreography was in charge of Roger Monteiro. The script for the clip was written by Ulisses Da Motta, who also directed, and Gianna Soccol, who also acts and does the art of “Spark of Hope”. Rounding out the cast are actors Marcos Guarani (in the role of Missioneiro) and Bruno Krieger (in the role of Lieutenant). The accordionist Eduardo Nichele joined the band in the clip, due to the unavailability of Matheus Kléber’s schedule, a great partner of the band and responsible for recording the accordion on the disc. Photo director Tiemy Saito and producer Eduardo Christofoli, from Collateral Filmes, complete the team. This is the third partnership between Ulisses, Tiemy and Eduardo with RAGE IN MY EYES. Previously, they shot clips for “Death Sleepers” (2019) and “And Then Came the Storm” (2021).

Guitarist Magnus Wichmann, who is Teixeirinha’s grandson, remembers the song “Velho Casarão”, released by his grandfather in two versions, between 1979 and 1984, in the albums “20 Anos de Glória” and “25 Anos de Sucesso”, respectively. According to Wichmann, the song talks about a fig tree and a duel, and with that came the inspiration for the story of the clip to be set at the foot of a fig tree, making this reference. In this excerpt of the lyrics of “Velho Casarão” it is possible to identify this passage: “Old mansion is almost covered / Of the large fig tree shading the roof / If she spoke she would tell the story / Of those who planted it a century ago / But as I am a grandson of those who planted it / I tell the story, the beloved house / There are bullet holes in its walls / Of the revolutions that history speaks of / It served as a trench, the balcony and the living room / For its builder, my famous grandfather”.

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