Check out the video for “Spiral Seasons” with DVD footage
Posted on 06/06/2022 @ 10:08 | 50 views

The new video clip by the Brazilian band RAGE IN MY EYES, for the song “Spiral Seasons”, present in the EP “Spiral”, released in 2021, is now live. The clip images were taken from the footage of the concert that the band performed in January at Teatro Bruno Kiefer, at Casa de Cultura Mário Quintana, in Porto Alegre, and which will be released in full in DVD format with the title “And Then Came The Theater”. In addition, starting June 24th, the group will release a song from the DVD “And Then Came The Theater” every 21 days on their YouTube channel, starting with the video for “Surrounded By Black Mirrors”, and each From these releases, fans will have the opportunity to compete for tickets, CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, exclusive worskshows and more. To maintain the exclusivity of the full version of the DVD, only those who purchase the physical edition will have access to the full content. These releases will be part of the “Spiral Experience” project, which will be announced in detail shortly.

The group is also preparing for the shows with Angra this June, when they will play in Florianópolis (24/06), Porto Alegre (25/06) and Curitiba (26/06). Jonathas Pozo (vocals), Magnus Wichmann (guitar), Pedro Fauth (bass) and Francis Cassol (drums) will accompany the band from São Paulo on this tour commemorating the 20th anniversary of the classic “Rebirth”.

Watch the video for “Spiral Seasons”:

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