Listen to the band’s new work, the EP “Spiral”
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It was released this Friday, 15/10, the new work of the heavy metal band RAGE IN MY EYES, the EP “Spiral”, consisting of five tracks, all composed and recorded during the pandemic. With cover created by Carlos Fides (Evergrey, Edu Falaschi, Shaman), the EP had its production shared in several studios, with the drum sessions held at the Black Stork studio, in Caxias do Sul, while the bass parts were recorded in Pepe Studio, in Porto Alegre. The guitar parts were recorded at Dry House Studio, also in Porto Alegre, and the vocals in the city of Triunfo, at Moga Studio. In this way, and following all the precautions in relation to COVID, Jonathas Pozo (vocals), Magnus Wichmann (guitar), Pedro Fauth (bass) and Francis Cassol (drums) launch this one that is already a highlight of their discography. With the emotional intro “Farewell” opening the EP, “And Then Came The Storm”, “Dare To Defy”, “Spark Of Hope” and “Spiral Seasons” show all the experience and feeling of the band, who spared no effort in creating a quality material.

Listen to the EP “Spiral” on Spotify:

Navigating different styles, but still focused on its characteristic Heavy/Power Metal, RAGE IN MY EYES once again presents us with the traditional Matheus Kléber accordion on the track “Spark of Hope”, strengthening its connection with Milonga, a regional rhythm from Argentina, Uruguay and Rio Grande do Sul, also present in Paraná and Santa Catarina. The band innovates, within its proposal, in adding lines sung in Portuguese in this track, making it even more beautiful. On the theme of the EP, the band explains that “Spiral” is not entirely focused on the pandemic, but that it assumes itself completely involved by the consequences and reflexes of it in its creation and production stages, thus expressing and artistically printing our losses and our grief during this period; from the estrangement with the new everyday to the search for sanity and adaptation in this cycle that we are going through. “Spiral” is, above all, a celebration of the life that goes on, in memory and in action, but which continues to be understood in a cyclical way.

Watch the video for “And Then Came the Storm”:

Photo credits: Tiemy Saito

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